Enthalpy Specialty Labs is proud to be a thought leader in the tobacco testing science community.

We host periodic webinars in collaboration with our partners and active members in the community. If you have a topic of interest or are interested in a collaboration, please contact us.

Modern Oral Nicotine Pouches: Regulatory Testing and Manufacturing for U.S. & Canadian Markets

The experts for this webinar include:

  • David Richmond-Peck, CEO, TJP Labs Inc.
  • Kevin Burd, CEO, North America Nicotine and Chemular Consulting
  • Andrew Cheetham, DPhil, Senior Scientist, Enthalpy Analytical
  • Jennifer Feller, Business Development Manager, Enthalpy Analytical

Here’s what you can expect to learn!

  • Summary of the current landscape and future of Modern Oral Nicotine Products (MONPs)
  • Nicotine Pouch Product Manufacturing / GMP / Product Release Testing for MONPs
  • Regulatory Testing Requirements for Canadian Markets
  • Regulatory Testing Requirements for US Markets
  • Updates on upcoming Method Development offerings for MONPs

How is GARD™ used for skin and respiratory sensitization testing?

Host by: Enthalpy Analytical and SenzaGen
Presenters: Dr. Tim Lindberg and Bonnie Coffa, PhD

In this webinar, we host one of our partner companies, SenzaGen, who provide an introduction to the prediction model, genomics and machine learning technology. We also discuss the broad applicability and high accuracy of the non-animal GARD assays as well as review an e-liquid case study supporting customer-centric and ethical test solutions for risk assessment.

ENDS Battery and Device Safety Assessments for PMTA Applications

Host by: Douglas Burton and Bonnie Coffa, PhD

Enthalpy Analytical hosted a webinar discussing ENDS products and how to prepare battery-relevant information for your Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA). Guest presenter Douglas Burton shares his tips and guidance for a successful PMTA submittal.

 Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: Device Considerations on HPHC Testing

Presenters: Chris Tucker, Susan Plunkett, PhD

In this webinar, we are joined by Chris Tucker of Consilium Sciences for a discussion on ENDS and HPHC testing.

The Synthetic Nicotine Loophole

Presenters: Bonnie Coffa, PhD, Susan Plunkett, PhD, Kevin Burd, MBA, Stanley Gilliland, PhD, Elizabeth Sprowl, JD, MBA

In this webinar, we have a panel discussion with industry experts on regulatory issues and technical challenges associated with synthetic nicotine testing.

Regulatory Toxicology Testing for ENDS Products

Panelists: Bonnie Coffa, PhD, Manoj Misra, PhD, Jennifer Feller

We share Enthalpy’s latest overview of our toxicology testing capabilities for nicotine-containing and tobacco products. We have expanded the in vitro toxicology assays with additional cell lines and microbial testing for e-liquids, ENDS, cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless products for SEs, PMTAs, and MRTPAs. We also take a deeper dive into toxicology testing and discuss commonly encountered issues and FAQs.

Dissolution Testing for Nicotine Release Assessment of Oral Tobacco Products

Presenters: Ed Carmines, PhD, Helen Miller, and Bonnie Coffa, PhD

In this webinar we discuss available dissolution methods along with their differences and potential concerns around use. We also highlight insights from the FDA guidance provided on dissolution testing.

Understanding Synthetic Nicotine: A Comprehensive Scientific and Legal Review

Presenters: Kevin Burd, Bonnie Coffa, PhD, Kathleen Hoke, Eric N. Lindblom

This webinar has a scientific review of synthetic nicotine, including how it is made, how testing can distinguish it from tobacco-derived nicotine, and whether it poses its own unique health concerns. Following that review, the webinar discusses perspectives on FDA’s authority to regulate these products and consider potential regulatory approaches at the federal, state, and local levels.

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