Tobacco Product Master File (TPMF)

Master Assistance with the Submission Process

Tobacco Product Master Files (TPMF) can be submitted to the FDA by any research laboratory, manufacturer, or individual voluntarily. TPMFs are a beneficial tool for manufacturers, component and ingredient suppliers, and researchers. Having the agency have access to a TPMF can assist with the tobacco product submission process.

Enthalpy Specialty Labs has provided the FDA with our own tobacco product master file. Enthalpy’s TPMF references all of our proprietary, in-house developed HPHC methods, validations, and standard operating procedures.

The TPMF is a truly beneficial tool for researchers and manufacturers alike. It allows owners to reference data for multiple submission types including: PMTA, SE, and MRTP submissions to the FDA. Authorized parties who have been granted authorization to reference a TPMF by the TPMF owner (Enthalpy) can reference TPMF data, analyses, ingredient lists, and constituent testing, in support of a tobacco product submission. The FDA can then access and review the trade secret and/or confidential information as part of the authorized party’s submission without that party seeing or accessing the TPMF owner’s confidential information. When a TPMF is established with FDA, it can be referenced by the TPMF owner and/or an authorized party through providing a letter of authorization.

If you would like authorization to reference Enthalpy Specialty Lab’s tobacco product master file please email our team to get a Letter of Authorization (LOA) sent on your behalf for the agency to access Enthalpy’s TPMF.