Tobacco Filler & Roll Your Own Testing

Enthalpy Specialty Labs routinely tests HPHCs in tobacco filler from cigarettes, cigars, and for roll your own (RYO) purposes. Enthalpy has validated, accredited methods for the compounds below from the FDA’s abbreviated list of HPHCs.


Our project scientists’ thorough knowledge of FDA HPHCs in tobacco and smoke has allowed for quick and robust method transfer to cigar and pipe tobacco to meet the requirements of the FDA’s regulations.

Testing Details

In addition to HPHC testing, we also have methods in place for routine product testing, including methods for product moisture, menthol, physical properties, and cut width testing.

HPHCs in Roll Your Own Tobacco and Filler
Method Description
AM-031 TSNAs in Tobacco by LC/MS-MS: NNK, NNN
AM-052 Metals by ICP/MS : Arsenic, Cadmium
AM-072 Nicotine Content in Tobacco GC-FID
AM-115 Ammonia in Tobacco by HPLC