About Us

A Rich, Decades-Long History in Analytical Chemistry

We Know What It Takes

Enthalpy Analytical (Enthalpy) is a national network of accredited laboratories focused on providing our clients with responsive turnaround, best-in-class testing support, innovative science, regulatory expertise, and high-quality data.

Through our collaborative process, we seek to answer the right questions so we can provide our customers the best data to support their project needs. This could be services to support compliance requirements or providing science-based solutions for sound decision-making.

Our comprehensive analytical services and solutions can meet our customer’s toughest challenges while proudly supporting our mission to help our clients make informed decisions for the protection of human health.

All to deliver peace of mind

We start by taking the time to listen and really understand your specific needs and goals, so we can figure out the best way for us to work together to support your company. We use our unmatched experience to both zero in on the root causes of immediate issues, and highlight challenges and opportunities we see on the horizon.

We don’t just develop comprehensive analytical services; we implement them efficiently. Our deep in-house knowledge base gives us the brain power and real-world understanding to employ industry-accepted methods as appropriate, but also go beyond the expected and create new methods as necessary.

This is how we help you avoid unforeseen compliance issues, stay on top of evolving regulatory requirements, and tackle your toughest challenges.

Data is Our Superpower

We know how important your data is. Our teams of project managers, subject matter experts (SMEs), scientists, chemists, consultants, and industry experts have the experience to understand a wide range of analytical testing needs and offer best-in-class support to a diverse group of industries.

  • Manufacturers
    • E-Liquid
    • Pouch
    • Device
      • E-Cigarette
      • Heated Tobacco Product
      • Novel
      • Prototypes
    • Cigarette
    • Cigar
    • Smokeless Tobacco Products
    • Rolling Papers
    • Tobacco
  • Consultants
  • Research & Development Organizations
  • Universities
  • Regulatory Agencies

We go beyond

Quality is paramount. We are a trusted source of sound science and data, and we know analytical results are critical to project and business decisions.

Research & Development
The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving. Enthalpy Specialty Labs stays at the forefront of method development, partnering with regulatory agencies and always at the ready to provide the best and most up-to-date guidance.

Enthalpy analyzes thousands of samples every month across our specialty labs testing network. Our ENDS knowledge in particular runs deep; we can currently analyze all HPHC compounds in the FDA PMTA guidance document. Our extensive experience with high-resolution mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography keeps us on the cutting edge of testing. This experience enables us to advance our capabilities as we learn more about this ever-evolving industry.

We look forward to speaking with you about how Enthalpy Specialty Labs can make the difference for your next project. Please Contact Us for more information.